How long is delivery?

All of our onesies are tailor hand made to order, so please allow 7-30 business days. At all times, we endeavour to have your onesies made and delivered in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, for reasons out of our control, some orders have not been able to be processed as quickly as we would want. In the past, problems have occurred with material shortages and natural disasters.

We are more than happy to accommodate should you require a order for a special occasion. Please email us at onesieponatime@gmail.com in advance. 


Which freight companies do you utilize?

99% of our deliveries are through either DHL Freight or TNT Freight. We have had other companies in the past; however, some just weren’t up to our high standards. We have had great success with both DHL and TNT.



Do you accept returns?

Due to the tailor made, individualised nature of our onesies we do not offer returns unless the product is faulty. Please choose your size and individualized features carefully for this reason. 


Tell us more about this comfortable material that I’ve heard so much about?

With pleasure. As we’ve mentioned above, onesies should be comfortable! In fact, we believe that your onesie/s should be the most comfortable clothing in your entire wardrobe. However, most onesies on the market use cheap material that is neither soft nor comfortable.

We searched high and low for a material that was (most importantly) comfortable, while still being durable and practical. Our material is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester fleece which is both ridiculously comfortable, whilst still being practical to wear and durable for heavy use. We really wish there was a ‘touch’ feature over the internet so you could feel this material for yourself, it’s simply heavenly! The quality of our onesies is something we will never jepardise as we believe the quality, along with our individualized options, are the main features of our company which sets us apart from (and above) our competition.


How does your sizing work?

Our adult and child sizing charts are unisex and based on height and hip measurements.  If you are at high end of the height measurements please order the size abover e.g. if you are 175cm tall it technically could order a Medium or Large, we would recommend ordering the Large. 

Each of our onesies has a sizing chart in the ‘description’ section – please check this before ordering!


How does the custom sizing work?

We recognize that one size does not fit all – we’re all built differently. If fact, we have had personal experience being unable to buy clothes at clothing stores because we do not possess the ‘typical’ body shape. Our custom sizing option alleviates these problems and allows you to choose your own exact measurements to perfectly fit your body type.  Everyone, of all body shapes, deserve to be comfortable!


Can I design my own onesie?

Please do! Nothing gets us more excited then the chance to help you design your own onesie. Email us your ideas and we will create a design just for you. There are some examples of custom onesies we have designed in the past under the requested design tab. 

Let your imagination run wild! Some ideas that have been proposed include:

·      Superhero onesies

·      Supervillain onesies

·      Local sports teams onesies

·      Religious onesies

·      Countries’ flags onesies

·      Characters from books, films and/or television

·      Historical onesies

·      Nature inspired onesies


There are some examples of custom onesies we have designed in the past under the ‘requested design’ tab. 


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